Jobvite Raises $8.25 Million For Recruiting Through Social Networks

Posted Sep 10, 2009

Jobvite has raised $8.25 million from ATA Ventures and CMEA Capital.  Thus far Jobvite raised $15 million total.  Jobvite is basically a recruiting website with a major focus on social networking.  Jobvite faces intense competition from LinkedIn which is the dominant social network.

Jobvite designed eRecruitment application software for people to send targeted job invitations for friends in social networks.  Invitations can be sent to friends on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Microsoft Outlook.  Jesper Schultz is the founder and chief Jobvite.

?This recession is fundamentally changing recruitment, pushing companies to become more cost-effective, innovative and strategic. Companies are looking to the technology industry to make this possible,? stated Jobvite President and CEO Dan Finnigan. ?Our growth this year proves we?re serving a big need and delivering immediate ROI to our customers. With this new investment, the strong additions made to our team this year, and the on-going advancements in our technology, I?m looking forward to what Jobvite will do for our customers.?