Offered $800,000 Thanks To Presidential Debate

Posted Oct 17, 2008

Joe Francis (not the Girls Gone Wild one) is a plumber in Amarillo, Texas and owns  “Joe The Plumber” was talked about constantly during presidential debate last night.  The two candidates were constantly debating how much in taxes Joe The Plumber would have to pay.  Joe Wurzelbacher is the actual plumber that the presidential candidates were referring to and he lives in Holland, OH. received a ton of traffic today and even received a buy-out offer of $800,000.  Not only that, but Francis received a lot more customers that wanted their plumbing done and requests to meet Francis.  Before 12PM Central Time, services were flooded with  100,000 e-mails, 300 t-shirt requests, and 1,000 phone calls.  They wanted everything from Joe The Plumber including the kitchen sink (pun intended).

All of this was happening while Joe Francis was out elk hunting.  Office Manager, Ronnie Bishop fielded all of the requests while Francis was out. 

This story reminds me of the story of, the site that is often mistaken for  uTube tried to sue YouTube, but decided to settle by relocating their company website to a different domain name. is now covered with tons of ads that probably brings in a boat-load of money.  Talk about the perks of being mistaken for someone else!

Below is a video of Obama talking to the real Joe The Plumber: