id Software Founder John Carmack To Go Full-Time At Oculus Rift

Posted Nov 23, 2013

John Carmack is known for being the co-founder of id Software, the company behind hit games like Doom and Quake.  Carmack is now leaving id Software to go full-time on the Oculus Rift virtual reality system.

Carmack is splitting his time between id Software and Oculus VR.  He is the chief technical officer at Oculus VR.  Carmack was named CTO in August after he became a major advocate for the headset before it became a success on Kickstart in 2012.

Carmack was the first developer to use the Oculus Rift SDK for developing a game.  Carmack even said that the Doom 4 game would have a working port with the VR system.  Carmack is the second major executive to leave id Software in recent times.  id Software CEO and President Tom Hollenshead left in June.

[Source: GigaOM]