John Gruber On Claim That Google Maps Had A One-Year Contract Left With iOS 6

Posted Sep 27, 2012

John Gruber is the guy behind the website Daring Fireball.  Daring Fireball is a website that often writes about Apple products and Gruber is a close friends with a lot of Apple’s upper management employees.  In one of his latest blog posts, Gruber addresses the rumor that Google Maps had about a year left with their contract to be a default mapping application on the Apple iPhone, which is why they were caught off-guard when Apple released their own mapping application as the default for iOS 6.  This is what he had to say about that claim:

?Let?s assume the timeframes being reported about Apple and Google?s maps license are accurate. The various reports coming out yesterday and today are in general agreement in this regard, and my own sources (who in this case are, as they say, directly familiar with the matter) back this up,? stated Gruber.

 ?WWDC took place in June this year (as usual). That suggests the old deal ran through, at the latest, somewhere around June or July 2013,? Gruber writes. ?Timeline-wise, and regarding Google?s purported surprise that Apple made this switch, it?s worth pointing out that Apple began making mapping-based acquisitions in July 2009, when they acquired Placebase. Apple then acquired Poly9 a year later, and then, a year ago, acquired C3 Technologies for $267 million. What exactly did Google think Apple was acquiring these companies for if not to replace Google Maps with their own offering??