John Gruber: iPad 2 Does Not Have A Retina Display

Posted Jan 19, 2011

John Gruber is throwing his 2 cents into the mix about what the iPad 2 display will be like. Despite rumors saying that there will be a higher resolution retina display, Gruber has a source that is saying that the iPad 2 will not have that feature. The current iPad has a 1024×768 display so a retina display iPad would have to be 2048×1536, or about 260-270 pixels per inch. The iPhone 4 display is 330 pixels per inch.

“A 2048?×?1536 iPad display would seemingly be cost prohibitive today. Not just for the display itself, but for the RAM. The current iPad has 256 MB of RAM, which is shared between the CPU and GPU. I don?t think 512 MB of RAM would be enough for an iPad with a 2048?×?1536 display.1 That?s almost as many total pixels as on a 27-inch Cinema Display (resolution: 2560?×?1440),” wrote Gruber.

Gruber says that the iPad 2 display will remain at 1024×768 but it will be different in other ways like a brighter screen, better power consumption, and thinner in size.