John Hopkins Student Attacks Intruder With Samurai Sword Shortly After Getting Laptops and PlayStation Stolen

Posted Sep 16, 2009

Breaking and entering someone’s residence is no joke. By nature, humans are extremely protective of their homes and will go on the defensive if their privacy is violated. In this case John Hopkins student John Pontolillo ended up killing a burglar with a samurai sword. The upper body of a man was lacerated and he was announced dead a the scene. The burglar’s hand was also nearly severed.

About four undergraduates live in the house where the burglar broke in. In that house, two laptops were stolen this past Monday and so was a Sony PlayStation. After hearing a noise, the student went downstairs to investigate what the commotion was while holding a samurai sword. It turns out the side door of their garage was pried open and the suspect was found by the student. When John asked the suspect what he was doing and threatened to call the police, the suspect lunged at him.

The house resident killed the suspect with a sword and police are investigating the incident. Apparently the suspect had a long history of breaking and entering multiple households. The suspect had been arrested 29 times prior to this incident and recently was released from jail for auto theft.