Jon Lajoie (Taco From The League) Launches Fake Kickstarter Campaign To Become Rich

Posted May 30, 2013

Jon Lajoie plays my favorite character on The League, Taco.  Lajoie is also known for playing viral YouTube characters like “Everyday Normal Guy (not safe for kids).”  Lajoie has launched a “campaign” to become rich.  Lajoie said that after he saw the success that Veronica Mars and Zach Braff had on Kickstarter, he decided to ask his fans for money.  His goal is to hit $500 million for his campaign.

The campaign is a parody, complete with a fake form that says “How much hypothetical money will you pledge to donate to this totally real thing on Aug 26 2013?”  You will get nothing for donating except for a video of Lajoie being disgusted with your Facebook profile and the opportunity to tell your friends that you met Lajoie without actually meeting him.

Check out the video below: