Jon Stewart Mocks Sarah Palin’s Tweets About Wikileaks [VIDEO]

Posted Dec 3, 2010
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On Thursday night, Jon Stewart did a segment on Sarah Palin called “America’s Tweetheart.” Sarah Palin went on Twitter to talk smack about how the government is handling Wikileaks. In one single tweet she was able to promote her book, talk about how she triumphed over Gawker, and criticize the government. She said that the Wikileaks action was a “treasonous act” that the government couldn’t handle while she was able to handle Gawker from leaking her book. “There is the fact that WikiLeaks is in Sweden, and its founder Julian Assange is Australian, so really you can’t charge them with treason against America… Because they’re not American,” said Stewart. In the video above, you will also find out how Stewart compares Palin to Snoop Dogg.