Jony Ive Often Got Annoyed When Steve Jobs Took Credit For His Design Ideas

Posted Oct 24, 2011

Jonathan “Jony” Ive was Steve Jobs’ go-to guy for Apple product design ideas. Ive regularly became frustrated by Jobs when he took credit for his ideas. “I pay maniacal attention to where an idea comes from, and I even keep notebooks filled with my ideas,” said Ive. “So it hurts when he takes credit for one of my designs.”

However Ive remained close to Jobs and said that he owed Jobs credit. “The ideas that come from me and my team would have been completely irrelevant, nowhere, if Steve hadn’t been here to push us, work with us, and drive through all the resistance to turn our ideas into products.”

“Jony had a special status,” said Jobs’ wife Laurene Powell Jobs. “Most people in Steve’s life are replaceable. But not Jony.” Jobs would regularly visit Jobs would regularly visit Ive’s office at the end of the day and would often have lunch with him. Ive had a private design studio on the ground floor of Apple’s campus that has tinted windows and a heavy locked door. A lot of the conversations between Jobs and Ive was back-and-forth.

“We kept going back to the beginning again and again,” said Ive. “Do we need this part? Can we get it to perform the function of the other four parts?”