Joost Is Now Officially Web-Based

Posted Sep 18, 2008

Joost, the startup company that was started by the same ones who brought us Skype and KaZaa has been re-released.  Now the site is all web-based and is no longer driven by their desktop-software.  That is great news because the hardware specs needed to run the desktop software was too high and it seemed to have problems with buffering the video.  Joost still requires a plug-in for the P2P technology to work and to save on bandwidth costs. 

There is a new type of community built around Joost.  The homepage contains what users have watched recently.  There are now over 35,000 videos that can be watched legally on the site.  The videos are broken down by Film, Music, and Shows.  Of those three categories, there are multiple sub-categories such as Anime or Comedy. 

Starting next month, the plug-in will no longer be required according to TechCrunch.  Those who want to watch Standard programming can watch all of it on the web.  To have access to the on-demand programming, the plug-in will be required.  While Joost still has a lot of catching up to do with YouTube and Hulu, they still have a lot of exclusive content.

Joost was started by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom.  Former Cisco Systems executive Mike Volpi currently serves as the CEO.  And Roelof Botha, Partner at Sequoia and former PayPal CFO serves on the board.  Joost has about raised about $45 million in Series A funding.  Volpi announced the changes on the Joost Blog.