Joost Killing Off Desktop Application. Good Riddance!

Posted Sep 5, 2008

Update: Well it’s official, TechCrunch has just published screen shots of the new Joost

Joost was the P2P company that believed that they’d be able to single-handedly be able to take on television sets around the world. That was until CBS, Hulu, iTunes, etc. decided to stream HD-quality TV shows. Now Joost is going to eliminate their desktop software altogether.

GigaOM reports that they are going for a browser-only strategy. It is rumored that Joost is going to create a plugin and users will be able to grab files through P2P on a browser.

Last summer, Joost was the must-have software. But then users discovered that it had lost it’s appeal because of bandwidth limitations, slow streaming, and lack of good content. This happened after Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, founders of Joost and Skype raised $45 million in VC money.

When the news becomes official, this page will be updated. If or when the plugin gets created, check back on Pulse 2.0.