Jordan Belfort is expecting to make over $100 million in speaking engagements this year

Posted May 19, 2014

Jordan Belfort, known as “the wolf of Wall Street,” reported at a conference in Dubai that he is expecting to make over $100 million from his speaking engagements this year.

Belfort authored the book that chronicled his life and was the inspiration behind the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Belfort in the movie. Belfort’s boiler room firm Stratton Oakment used high-pressure sales tactics in the 1990s for stock trading.

Belfort ended up getting arrested and was convicted of securities fraud and money laundering. Belfort served 22 months in prison after being sentenced to four years.

He was ordered to pay $110.4 million in restitution to victims of Stratton Oakmont. Belfort has not finished paying them back yet, but he will be able to finish doing that through money generated from his speaking tour. “My goal is to make north of a $100 million so I am paying back everyone this year,” said Belfort in front of an audience, reports Bloomberg. Belfort made $50 million per year as a stockbroker.