Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Jose Baez To Represent Mother Of “Dark Knight Rises” Movie Theater Victim

Posted Aug 20, 2012

Jose Baez is known as being part of the defense team that led Casey Anthony to victory in her murder case.  Now Baez’s team has been hired to represent the mother of one of the “Dark Knight Rises” massacre victims according to TMZ.  Baez is representing Shirley Wygal.  Wygal’s 32-year-old daughter Rebecca Wingo was shot and killed by James Holmes during the “Dark Knight Rises” massacre.

Shirley believes that the movie theater is partially to blame became the emergency exit doors should have been alarmed.

“When police came that night with official word, Rebecca’s baby asked, ‘How did he get in?’ Dissatisfied with the answer, she asked again. At just 5 years old, she wants to know how it could happen and so do I. If any entity had an obligation to protect the innocent and did not, then every survivor and loved one left behind must hold them accountable. The first step is a timely and thorough investigation,” said Wygal in an interview with TMZ.

“I’ve engaged a firm large enough to help us all. I am confident in their expertise and appreciate their making this a priority. Rebecca would love these attorneys. As a mom, she’d want her girls to have the truth. As a daughter, she’d insist I find that truth for them.”