Josh Berman and Diego Berkadin Leave MySpace’s Slingshot Labs

Posted Apr 19, 2010

Slingshot Labs, the R&D arm of MySpace recently saw two of their key executives resign. The two executives are EVP of Strategy and Product Diego Berkadin and President Josh Berman. According to a source with TechCrunch, the two executives gave in their resignations to News Corp. Digital Chief Jon Miller last week. Slingshot Labs is supposed to be working on a “LinkedIn Killer” service that would be integrated with The Wall Street Journal. The progress on that project is unknown.

Another reason why Berman’s resignation is significant is because this means that all of MySpace founders are no longer with News Corporation. Josh Berman was COO of MySpace when News Corp. bought them out. Chris DeWolf, Tom Anderson, Aber Whitcomb, and Colin Digiaro did not stick around for long after News Corp. bought MySpace. [TechCrunch]