JotForm Now Back Up After Being Shut Down By Secret Service Without Explanation

Posted Feb 17, 2012 is an easy form builder service that was shut down through a request to GoDaddy by the U.S. Secret Service. The suspension was ended, but no one at the U.S. government or GoDaddy explained why. After GoDaddy shut down the domain name, the management team at inquired as to what happened to their website. GoDaddy simply told them to contact the Secret Service. When they contacted the Secret Service, they were told this:

When I contacted the Secret Service, the agent told me she is busy and she asked for my phone number, and told me they will get back to me within this week. I told them we are a web service with hundreds of thousands of users, so this is a matter of urgency, and we are ready to cooperate fully. I was ready to shutdown any form they request and provide any information we have about the user. Unfortunately, she told me she needs to look at the case which she can do in a few days. I called her many times again to check about the case, but she seems to be getting irritated with me. At this point, we are waiting for them to look into our case.