Rocket Internet Backs A New Online Hotel Booking Company In Nigeria Called Jovago

Posted Aug 5, 2013

Startup accelerator Rocket Internet has reported to Pulse 2.0 that the company has launched a new venture in Nigeria called Jovago.  Hotels will now be one click away for all Nigerians.  When a user enters their chosen destination, Jovago will offer 140,000 hotels worldwide.

Jovago will provide all information about hotels and compare different options.  In Nigeria, Jovago offers over 200 hotels, starting in Lagos, Nigeria.  Customers have the option to choose between paying at the hotel or paying through the website without any booking fees.

“Jovago provides the easiest way to make travel arrangements. This will help business people and travelers find reliable accommodation everywhere. We are about to fundamentally change the hotel booking market in Nigeria by creating the safest and most convenient experience. Jovago is the best place to find a hotel in Africa,” stated Africa Internet Holding co-CEO Jeremy Hodara.

Africa Internet Holding is the company behind Jovago that is backed up Rocket Internet.