Judge Says Former Microsoft GM Matthew Miszewski Cannot Join Marketing Role In Salesforce.com

Posted Apr 16, 2011

Judge Kimberley Prochnau in the King County Superior Court has filed a preliminary injunction against Matthew Miszewski. Miszewski attempted to join Salesforce.com, but this was in violation of his non-compete agreement. Miszewki is prohibited from ?working in a marketing role in salesforce.com?s public or commercial sector anywhere in the world.?

However Judge Prochnau said that she still envisions Miszewski having a role at Salesforce.com that would not violate the non-compete agreement. ?He was a major evangelist for Microsoft ? he was not a low-level salesperson,? said Judge Prochnau. She added ?thrust of the order is to preclude him from being the evangelist for Salesforce.com that he was for Microsoft.?

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