Judge Sides With Mark Zuckerberg To Keep Paul Ceglia’s Lawsuit In Federal Court

Posted Mar 29, 2011

In October 2010, I wrote about how a man that resides in New York named Paul Ceglia is claiming 84% ownership in social networking website Facebook.com. Ceglia’s lawyers attempted to argue that Zuckerberg is a New York resident and does not even have a house in California. Ceglia’s lawyers wanted Zuckerberg to face a state court trial in New York. However District Judge Richard J. Arcara sided with Zuckerberg and the case will remain in the Buffalo federal court.

?He was living the same sort of existence the evidence shows now, a sort of duffel bag, apartment-to-apartment, transient life,? argued Ceglia?s lawyer James Grable back in October 2010. ?He?s got one foot in New York and one foot in California.? Zuckerberg’s lawyers argue that the Facebook co-founder is a legal resident of California and since Ceglia lives in New York, the case is a federal court matter.

“Zuckerberg is the chairman and CEO of the company and runs its day-to-day operations,” said Arcara. “He rents an apartment in Palo Alto … that is within walking distance to Facebook headquarters. Zuckerberg has provided a sworn affidavit stating that he intends to live in California indefinitely.”

Ceglia believes he owns 84% of Facebook because he gave Zuckerberg $1,000 back in 2003 to help start the business. He also claims to have paperowrk that says that Zuckerberg agreed to give him part of Facebook. Zuckerberg’s lawyer Orin Snyder said that Ceglia is a “convicted felon” and that his contract is “a scam.”

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