Judges Dismisses Patent Case Between Apple and Motorola

Posted Jun 23, 2012

Judge Richard Posner has dismissed the Apple vs. Motorola case entirely. Apple claimed that Motorola was violating 4 of their patents and Motorola was left with one claim. The two companies have been battling in courts since 2010. Judge Posner tentatively dismissed the case two weeks ago as well, but allowed both sides another chance to make their case. Neither Apple or Motorola could prove damages in his point of view. This means that an injunction against the sale of products will not be happening as of right now.

This is especially great news for Motorola because they just had one patent left in the legal battle against Apple. The patent was for a standards-essential patent for GSM. Apple claimed that this patent was not being used in practice.

“Both parties have deep pockets,” said Judge Posnerin his 38-page decision. “And neither has acknowledged that damages for the infringement of its patents could not be estimated with tolerable certainty.” I would not be surprised if Apple appeals the decision here.