Julius Genachowski, Chairman Of The FCC, Is Stepping Down

Posted Mar 22, 2013

Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is stepping down from the position that he has held since June 2009.  He said that he would be leaving the FCC in the “coming weeks” and a successor has not been named as of yet.  This news is not surprising since four-year terms are typical for a chairman and there was speculation that he would be amongst several officials that would be replaced when President Obama won a second term.

“Over the last four years, Julius has brought to the Federal Communications Commission a clear focus on spurring innovation, helping our businesses compete in a global economy and helping our country attract the industries and jobs of tomorrow. Because of his leadership, we have expanded high-speed internet access, fueled growth in the mobile sector, and continued to protect the open internet as a platform for entrepreneurship and free speech,” said The White House in a statement.

In June 2009, when Genachowski was appointed as the FCC Chairman, he said that it was his goal to create the country’s first national broadband plan.  He reallocated spectrum from over-the-air TV broadcasters to meet the demand of wireless usage.  He also pushed for the preservation of Internet freedom and openness.  Under Genachowski, private investment in the U.S. wireless infrastructure increased over 60% and the United States led the world in the deployment of 4G/LTE mobile broadband.

Before Julius Genachowski was chairman of the FCC, he was instrumental in creating the Fox Broadcasting Company and USA Broadcasting while working as the Chief of Business Operations at IAC/InterActiveCorp.  He also served on the boards for The Motley Fool, Web.com, Mark Ecko Enterprises, and Beliefnet.