Just When I Thought Netvibes Couldn’t Get Any Better…

Posted Dec 8, 2008

Netvibes is my homepage.  I just cannot help but think how amazing this software is.  If anyone ever asks me which service is the best RSS reader, I would have to tell them Netvibes.  Up until this point, I didn’t think the service could get any better though.

I use Netvibes to track my Twitter friends, my Digg friends, all of my favorite feeds, the weather, sports news, my stocks, etc.  Netvibes now gives the option for their users to make their feeds look more like a magazine style.  To change the style, click on the arrow associated with a page tab and select the layout options.

Netvibes also now supports Google OpenSocial.

“The true power of universal widgets lies in deploying applications across all platforms that can leverage the user’s social graph wherever it goes.” stated Freddy Mini, CEO Netvibes. “By combining Netvibes UWA’s cross-platform compatibility with OpenSocial’s many social networking partners, we’re ushering in a new era of universal, social widgets that enable true platform independence and exponentially more powerful social applications.”

To learn more about Netvibes’ flexible layout, check out the videos on their blog.