Just When You Thought The iPod Shuffle Couldn’t Get Any Smaller

Posted Mar 11, 2009

Just when you thought the iPod Shuffle couldn’t get any smaller, Apple went ahead and made the Shuffle smaller.  The new, slim 4GB Shuffle is half the size of the last version.  It’s smaller than a AA battery and holds 1,000 songs.  There is also a VoiceOver feature that tells you the song title, artist, playlist names, etc.  It also warns you when the battery is low.  The battery life of the device is said to be around 10 hours.

The VoiceOver feature comes in 14 languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, etc. This feature should not be confused with speech recognition.  You cannot say the name of the track and have the iPod find it for you.

The new Shuffle is available now at about $79 in silver and black.  It stands at 1.8″ tall and 0.3″ thick.  The navigation and volume is built into the earphones.   Apple will no longer be selling a 2GB $69 Shuffle that was launched last year, but will continue to sell an older $49 1GB Shuffle.

[via CNET]