JustFab has raised $15 million

Posted Dec 20, 2013

JustFab is a popular e-commerce startup that has raised $15 million in funding. Earlier this year, JustFab acquired ShoeDazzle and expanded into Europe. The company also opened their first retail store. The $15 million in funding was revealed in an SEC filing from two weeks ago.

This round of funding is a Series C-1, which means that their Series C from September was extended. Now the company has raised a total of around $164 million. The Series C round of funding was led by Shining Capital Management, but the investor in this round was undisclosed.

JustFab now has a $50 million run rate including seasonal changes. The company made $5 million in November alone. JustFab is building a new 65,000 square foot campus in El Segundo in conjunction with the ShoeDazzle acquisition.

There are indications that JustFab is expected to generate around $300 million in 2013 gross revenues. When extrapolating the numbers during the ShoeDazzle acquisition, both companies projected around $400 million in combined 2014 revenues. JustFab and competitor Fab.com are currently facing a trademark dispute.

[Source: Pando.com]