Justice Department Doesn’t Want Megaupload Users To Have Their Data Back

Posted Jun 11, 2012

When the MPAA agreed that they would be open to MegaUpload getting their data back, people were shocked. Normally the MPAA tends to be strict with copyright infringing websites. However the U.S. Justice Department filed a document saying that they do not have an interest in users getting their files back. The document was filed based on the case of Kyle Goodwin. The U.S. government believed that Goodwin getting his files back would set a bad precedent.

The U.S. government believes that if Goodwin’s request was granted, it would allow anybody to petition the courts whenever a search warrant affects them. The U.S. government also believes that by giving Goodwin his data back, it would give Megaupload the opportunity to retrieve data they need for a court defense.

The government suggested that Goodwin should sue Megaupload and their hosting provider Carpathia for restitution. Making the case even more complication is that the U.S. government illegally seized Megaupload’s servers.