Paparazzi Charged For Chasing Justin Bieber In His Fisker Karma

Posted Jul 25, 2012

Justin Bieber was stopped earlier this month for reckless driving when he was driving in the car on the 101 Freeway at 80MPH.  Bieber was pulled over in a Fisker Karma sports car by CHP officers on the 101 at the intersection of Vineland Avenue and Ventura Boulevard.

Justin Bieber said that the reason why he was speed was because the paparazzi was chasing him.  Freelance photographer Paul Raef is now being charged for chasing Bieber.

This is the first cased filed under California’s anti-paparazzi law.  Thirty-year-old Raef was charged with reckless driving and failing to obey the law of a peace officer.  He was also given two counts of following another vehicle too closely and reckless driving with the intent to capture pictures for commercial gain.  He will face up to one year in jail and fines that total around $3,500.