JVC GS-TD1 Is The First Consumer Camera With Full HD 3D Capabilities

Posted Jan 11, 2011

JVC has announced a 3D camcorder with full HD resolution at CES called GS-TD1. The GS-TD1 camcorder is the world’s first consumer camcorder that has full HD 3D capabilities. This camera uses a pair of lenses with 3.32MP CMOS sensors in each lens. The GS-TD1 has 5x optical zoom, 3D sound, and JVC Biphonic technology with improved audio. The GS-TD1 has a 3.5-inch touch panel and a high speed imaging engine. The lens is rated at F1.2 for brighter video. Another cool feature on this camera is time-lapse 3D recording, 3D still shots, and 64GB of internal memory storage. This camera will be for sale in March for $1,999.95. [SlashGear]