Kai-fu Lee Gets Banned From Weibo For 3 Days

Posted Feb 18, 2013

Kai-fu Lee is the former head of Google China.  He was banned for three days from posting on on Sina’s Weibo service.  Weibo in China is the equivalent of Twitter everywhere else.  Kai-fu has 30 million followers on Weibo.

Lee is known for using Weibo to criticize China’s Internet controls.  ?I?ve been silenced on Sina and Tencent for three days, so everyone can come here to find me,? stated Lee on on Twitter.  Lee is currently the chairman and CEO of Innovation Works, a China-based incubator.

Lee used Weibo to post a Wall Street Journal article about how slow speeds and instability is deterring overseas businesses from moving critical operations in China.  He also used the service to offer support to staff for a Guangzhou-based newspaper when they were dealing with government censors.  In China, the government blocks access to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This is a way of blocking access to criticism of the ruling Communist Party in China.

[Source: Bloomberg]