The Kaleidescape Cinema One Can Store 100 Blu-Ray Movies, Retails For $3,995

Posted Jul 23, 2013

The Kaleidescape has released a new box that may be the first high-end movie server called the Cinema One.  The set top box will be available starting today at the Best Buy Magnolia design center and at  The Cinema One has a built-in 4TB hard drive that can store around 100 Blu-ray quality movies or around 600 DVDs.

The retail price of the Cinema One is $3,995.  The Cinema One can be easily fit into an existing home theater setup.  It cannot be integrated into the Kaleidescape Premiere Line of server systems though.

To playback Blu-ray movies, the Cinema One does not have access to the physical Blu-ray, so you will need to buy a digital copy from the Blu-ray from the the Kaleidescape Store.  The player is compatible with the company’s $5,495 DV700 Disc Vault, which can store up to 320 discs.