Kaplan acquires Dev Bootcamp

Posted Jun 25, 2014

Kaplan announced today that it is buying Dev Bootcamp, a two year old school that offers 9 week crash courses for people that want to learn how to develop software.

Dev Bootcamp is a for-profit company that offers vocational training and bachelor’s / master’s degrees through its campus and online classes. Dev Bootcamp teaches languages like Ruby on Rails and Python. The terms of the deal were undisclosed.

Like its competitors, Kaplan is struggling with a long-term trend of declining enrollment and is seeing an increase in competition against online education.

“We think it’s important to start building a different business on a new trend that’s disrupting higher education,” stated Bernardo Rodriguez, the president of Kaplan’s new digital skills Advance division. “Programs like this could become a real alternative to a college education.”

Dev Bootcamp is based in San Francisco and has classes in New York and Chicago. It is a majority-owned by founder Shereef Bishay.  The school had around 600 graduates since 2012 and is profitable. Around 85% of the graduates have found jobs as programmers within 4 months of graduation.

Being under the Kaplan umbrella will let Dev Bootcamp expand faster in the U.S. and overseas. The tuition is $12,200 for the 9-week course and that amount will remain unchanged.

[Source: WSJ]