Bus Monitor Karen Klein Retires Following Outpour of Support From Internet Fans

Posted Jul 30, 2012

Karen Klein is the 68-year old woman that was heavily bullied while monitoring on a bus.  The disturbing video of the bullying was uploaded on the Internet.  After being posted on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter, Karen Klein ended up raising around $700,000. The goal for that fund-raiser was to simply pay for Klein to go on a vacation for a much smaller amount ($5,000) of money.  But given how much publicity the video received, a lot of money was raised.  Now Klein is retiring.

Klein said that the decision to retire was tough and it wasn’t based on her encounter with the seventh graders that bullied her.

“I’m not quitting because of what happened. That’s not it,” said Klein. “I enjoyed working with the kids. But I guess it’s my time to leave. That’s what I’ve decided.”  The four boys that bullied Klein in the Greece School District has been suspended and were given 50 hours of community service.