Kathleen Madigan: [Meg Whitman] Should Use Her Money For A New Haircut

Posted Oct 23, 2010

[Kathleen Madigan]
Last night I watched Kathleen Madigan doing some stand-up in Michigan. As part of her stand-up she took some time to rip on former eBay CEO Meg Whitman. Kathleen said that Whitman spent over $140 million on her campaign for the governor of California. Kathleen pointed out that she did not know how she felt about the “head of the Oompa Loompas” becoming governor of California. Whitman is a billionaire, Madigan pointed out, she should spend some of her money on getting new hair. I was cracking up during this segment of the stand-up and though I had to share this on Pulse2 when I got home.

[Meg Whitman, left – Oompa Loompa, right]