Kelly Oxford and Jessica Alba Working On CBS Pilot Inspired By A Twitter Feed

Posted Dec 20, 2010

The Twitter feed of Kelly Oxford has inspired a TV pilot based on her life as a parent. CBS has picked up the pilot and the working title for the half-hour sitcom is “The Mother of All Something.” Actress Jessica Alba and Jhoni Marchinko will be producers of the show.

“I know I’m going to be under the microscope for a while, which isn’t the best feeling,” said Oxford in an interview. “But the entire process is really exciting. The possibility of an actual stay-at-home mom writing a family show is pretty cool.”

Alba contacted Oxford through Twitter to get the project off the ground. “She wanted a script written by a woman that was funny, and liked my voice,” said Oxford. “So I told her: ‘I did write something. I wrote this pilot.'” Oxford is going to be the writer.

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