Kensho raises $10 million in seed funding

Posted Jan 22, 2014

Kensho has announced today that they have raised $10 million in seed funding from General Catalyst, NEA, Accel Partners, Google Ventures and Devonshire Investors. Kensho offers cloud-based computer solutions for answering financial and market research questions. Kensho is known for developing a virtual market research assistant called “Warren.”

Warren is being tested by asset managers and research teams. The goal of Warren is to shorten traditional investment research cycles from days to minutes. Warren was built by veteran engineers from Google and Apple. Their team includes one of the first engineers behind the iPhone. Warren can answer a million distinct types of natural language questions.

?If you look at what Apple is doing with ?Siri,? what IBM is doing with ?Watson,? and what Google is doing with ?Now,? it is clear that the most powerful technology companies are investing immense resources to make virtual intelligent assistants ubiquitous before the end of the decade. Until now, we haven?t seen systems optimized for finance?one of the largest industries in the world. Kensho is dedicated to the idea that communicating in natural language with intelligent computer systems which serve as virtual personal assistants will form the leading edge of global innovation over the next half-decade, and will transform not just the consumer space, but industries from medicine and finance to energy and defense as well. We are delighted to receive continued support from so many premier venture capital firms and investors, and this funding will significantly expand our capacity to support a growing number of the best and most experienced engineers in the world in their development of Warren,? stated Daniel Nadler, CEO of Kensho.