Interview With Kenshoo Senior Director of Product Marketing Todd Herrold

Posted Aug 20, 2012

Financial analysts have been harshly criticizing the effectiveness of an ad on Facebook.  However digital marketing agencies like Kenshoo have been able to find ways to harness Facebook ads in a way that their clients have been able to find tangible benefits.  Kenshoo recently created a metric known as “Exposure Rate” to showcase the success of a Facebook ad for their clients.

Over the course of 12 months, Resolution Media used Kenshoo Social to achieve around 65 billion Facebook ad impressions and 20 million Facebook ad clicks.  The study focused brands across multiple sectors such as HBO, HP, Monster, Visa, Activision, and ING.  Below are a couple of bullet points that Resolution Media discovered in the study.

1. The response rate of a Facebook ad plummets after someone has seen the ad 7 times.

2. In order to optimize the exposure rate of a campaign, it is recommended that you bid

higher than Facebook’s maximum recommended bid.  This ensures that the ad’s reach is extended to more people in its target market and reduces the number of times that each person sees the ad.

When I spoke to Kenshoo’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Todd Herrold, I learned that Facebook’s algorithm placed “freshness” on all of their ads.  The newer the ad, the more likely it will be featured on Facebook’s homepage.  As the advertisement ages, it will fade from exposure.

Kenshoo offers three services: Kenshoo Enterprise, Kenshoo Social, and Kenshoo Local.  Kenshoo Enterprise focuses on search marketing and online advertising.  Kenshoo Social generates brand engagement and measurable performance for social advertising campaigns.  Kenshoo Local is the first and only local SEM platform.

Kenshoo focuses primarily on making Facebook ads work better for brands.  This made me curious as to whether the company has looked into the effectiveness of mobile ads.  Google has been successful with monetizing mobile ads through AdMob and Apple’s acquisition of Quattro Wireless led to their success with Apple iAd.  However Facebook seems to be lacking in the ability to monetize mobile ads.  Kenshoo has been focusing on mobile optimization for a while now and participates in Facebook’s mobile beta regularly.

I was also curious about how Kenshoo is able to find out how a person goes about getting from the point to clicking on an ad to purchasing a good.  Herrold told me that there is a layer on top of Facebook Insights for tracking cookies, destination URLs, and tracking referral visitors.  By using Kenshoo’s cookie, companies can find out a lot about a visitor’s activity such as what apps that they are installing.

Kenshoo uses these reports to create an aggregated report for their brand partners.  Kenshoo is a Preferred Marketing Developer and Kenshoo Social can append view tags to ads that are delivered through the Facebook Ads API.  This way they can provide reporting on any conversion event that may have included a Facebook ad impression in the path-to-conversion.

If you want to learn more about Kenshoo, I recommend checking out their website and reading over some of their resources.