Digg Founder Kevin Rose Answers AMA on Reddit

Posted Aug 2, 2012

Yesterday we wrote about how Digg founder Kevin Rose invited Reddit users to ask him any question they want through the AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum and he would try his best to answer them. After posting the questions, he waited several hours before answering them and what he did was smart because he wanted leave vlog posts with his thoughts instead of typing politically correct answers. This shows that he is sharing his unfiltered thought processes to each question that he answers. Below are the questions and his answers.

Biggest Regret About Digg:

Reddit users were obviously curious about what his regrets about Digg was. When Digg version 4 was launched, the website lost tons of traffic.  He regrets not integrating some of the good ideas from Digg employees as the founder.  He also regrets integrating features that were “championed internally,” but “went against his gut as a founder” like the DiggBar.

What Is It Like Working For Google?

Rose said that he is having a lot of fun at Google Ventures.  He said he has always enjoyed brainstorming ideas with early stage companies.  Often times a lot of the companies he talk to are in the wireframe and beta stage phase.  He enjoys helping them out through the lessons he learned like raising capital.

Will You Make Another Episode Of Diggnation?

Kevin Rose said he had fun doing Diggnation and would love to do another episode, but cannot guarantee to make it happen since Alex lives in LA and Kevin Rose is in San Francisco.  He thinks it could be especially possible to do it at tech conferences like SXSW.

What Do You Think About The Headphones Photo?

You may recognize the headphones photo of Kevin Rose with the headline “How this kid made $60 million in 18 months.  Digg.com’s Kevin Rose leads a new brat pack of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.”  The article was written by Sarah Lacy of PandoDaily and Jessi Hempel.  Rose said that he was very lucky to get a lot of press about the company.  BusinessWeek came to Rose and said there may be a possibility to do a cover-shot of the magazine.  After going to the photo-shoot,

Rose was told to bring a bunch of shots that you would wear and do all different types of props like cellphones and headphones.  They took a hundred photos of him ripping apart newspapers to show how the Internet is the new era of social news.  Rose was then told to put headphones around his neck.  Daniel Burka, the creative director at Digg was also at the photoshoot.  Burka said “give me a thumbs up.”  The photographer took that photo.  Rose joked not to use that photo because he thought it looked too goofy for a photo.  The photographer promised not to use it, but it got used anyway.  He looks back at it now though and laughs about it.

Thoughts On The New Digg Design?

Kevin Rose said that he is impressed with how much the News.me team has done in a short amount of time.  “I think that obviously this is just a let’s just get the site up and running version of Digg.  I know that they have a lot more plan for it.”  He said that he thinks that the design of it is beautiful and feels lightweight, but would add more emphasis on social voting.