Kevin Rose Believed To Be Joining Google To Work On Social Efforts

Posted Mar 15, 2012

In April 2011, Kevin Rose started working full-time at a mobile development company called Milk. Milk launched a food and restaurant recommendation app called Oink, which was downloaded about 150,000 times in its first month as a free app. Rose is known for launching the social bookmarking website and being a host of the popular podcast called Diggnation. Google has hired Kevin Rose through some sort of acqui-hire deal.

Google did not buy Oink or the technology. However it is rumored that Rose will be heavily involved in the social efforts at Google. According to TechCrunch, Milk’s investors put in about $1.7 million and the price of the acqui-hire deal was somewhere in the range of $15-$30 million. Google had to outbid Facebook for the deal too.

Google will be hiring eight of the team members from Milk. Investors in Milk include Dave Morin, Philip Rosedale, Evan Williams, and Shervin Pishevar. Milk shut down the Oink app yesterday.