Kevin Rose Discusses The New Features Of Digg [VIDEO]

Posted May 30, 2010

“Friends and sharing is a core feature of the new Digg. As users sign in, they will be taken through an on-boarding process that asks them to follow their friends, publishers, and tastemakers they care about. These accounts will be broken down by category, making it easy for users to follow their favorite accounts,” said Kevin Rose in the video below.

After going through that process, users will be taken to a section called My News. My News will be the place where all the stories are being dugg that a user is following. Next to the story under My News will be the icon of your friend or friends. A comment from your friend will appear in-line alongside the story being dugg too.

When you digg a story now, all of your friends will see the more popular stories at the top of “My News.” If they digg the story, then it spreads to all of their followers.

There will also be a leaderboard in the My News section called “Top News From People I Follow” that lists all of the most popular features being dugg by friends.

The actual submission process for Digg links has been dramatically reduced too. If you submit a story, the thumbnail is automatically grabbed along with a description.

One of the most exciting new features is that your content can be already added to Digg through RSS if you own a blog or news website. Digg will bring in every new story that you publish with a single Digg. This way it instantly goes out to all your followers.

If a story goes popular, it hits the Top News section of This is the section that everyone has gotten to know and love over the past 5-6 years – the homepage.