Kevin Rose Launches Mobile App Development Company Milk Inc.

Posted Apr 4, 2011

Digg founder Kevin Rose stepped down from working full-time at the company to start a new one. It turns out that Rose has started a mobile development company called Milk. Rose will be working with a team of four or five other coders, designers, etc. to make mobile applications.

In a way, it sounds like Rose wants to use his creative senses once again. Digg is already established and the community will continue to grow, but there is not much you can change there. This environment will allow Rose to quickly come up with ideas, launch them, and kill off the ones that don’t work. One of the co-founders of Milk Inc. is Daniel Burka. Burka worked with Rose in the early days of Digg. Before joining Milk, he was working at a company called Tiny Speck and worked on a game called Glitch.