Kevin Rose Not Really Active On Digg Anymore

Posted Mar 18, 2011

Digg launched a new version of their service in August. Ever since then, traffic has been plummeting. A lot of the Digg community moved on to Reddit. Digg has not been the same since 2008 when President Obama was being elected and traffic was surging. Even Digg founder Kevin Rose is not that active on the website any more.

In a report created by TechCrunch, there was even a point in December when Kevin Rose did not do anything on Digg for 22 days. Not one digg, not one comment, not one submission. And over the last 30 days, Rose had only done seven actions on Digg. That is less than one action every 4 days. He has not submitted a story since February 13.

However Rose still has time to tweet. He sent out about 181 tweets over the last month, which makes him 26 more times active on Twitter than Digg. Yikes. Ironically, Kevin Rose responded to the TechCrunch story in a tweet by saying “@arrington @techcrunch I think you forgot we shoot a weekly podcast about digg stories..”