Kevin Rose, Robert Scoble, and Tim Draper Sending Their DNA Into Outer Space

Posted Sep 5, 2008

Kevin Rose, Robert Scoble, and Tim Draper are participating in a NCsoft Operation Immortality experiment to send DNA into outer space.

Kevin Rose is the founder and creator of Digg. Robert Scoble is a tech blogger, social media advocate, and a videographer at FastCompany.TV. Tim Draper is the founder of venture capital company, Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

Since this news had Kevin Rose’s name in it, I submitted it to Digg and it became popular within 14 hours. Digg it up if you like the news. Richard Garriot, a game designer is also sending his DNA.

All of these individuals are travelling to the International Space Station on October 12 to send their DNA. Operation Immortality is sending a digital time capsule of the human race on the ISS with DNA samples of musicians, athletes, and some of Silicon Valley’s brightest.

?It is exciting to have Kevin, Tim and Robert join this project and be a part of preserving their accomplishments which have changed our world,? stated Garriott. ?These three individuals are some of the most creative and innovative minds in Silicon Valley and we are honored to include them as part of our snapshot of humanity in the 21st Century.?

Here is the press release of the news.