Digg founder Kevin Rose demos new blog prototype called Tiny

Posted Dec 16, 2013

Digg founder and social media expert Kevin Rose now works for Google Ventures, but his fans are wondering what he is up to nowadays. Two companies that he started were sold within the last couple of years: Digg and Revision3. Digg was acquired by Betaworks for $500,000 and Revision3 was acquired by Discovery Communications in May 2012. Rose ended up at Google after the search giant acquired his app development company, Milk Inc.

Over the weekend, Rose has posted a video of a project that he is working on called Tiny. Blog posts written through Tiny would have blurred photos of the author and could support real-time blurred video if you want your readers to see your movement as they read your content. Tiny will also let you add a background filter like a wood grain behind the text and over the blurred moving footage. The idea is unique and may not see the light of day, but don’t hold it past Rose to launch the product if enough positive feedback is received.

Other people that Rose worked with on this project includes Google designer Marc Hemeon and a former developer at Digg named Bjoern Zinssmeister.

?I?m not building this product right now, but I feel like there?s something to this so I just wanted to share it with the world and get your feedback,? said Rose in the video.

[Source: Mashable]