Khan Academy Releases An iPhone App

Posted Nov 25, 2012

Khan Academy is best known for hosting video lessons on their website.  They have over 3,500 videos available to watch on their new iOS app too.  This way students can keep learning while they are on the go.

The app includes topics in the K-12 space like math, chemistry, biology, physics, finance, economics, humanities, etc.  Using the iPhone app, students can only view the videos.

The Khan Academy iPad app enabled students to download the videos and watch them offline with subtitles.  They can even track their progress and catalog achievements on the iPad app.  The iPad app was released earlier this year.  Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan in 2006.

The Khan Academy has over 440,000 YouTube subscribers with over 210 million views.  There are around 7,000 videos available in different languages including Spanish, Bengali, Urdu, and Farsi.  The Khan Academy has raised $5 million in funding.