Khristopher Brooks Gets Fired For Publishing Article On His Tumblr

Posted Apr 14, 2012

Khristopher Brooks is currently studying for a master’s degree at New York University. He had lined up a job offer from the Wilmington News Journal until he wrote a post on his Tumblr. Brooks was fired due to “illegal use of the company logo” and for quoting his offer letter.

Brooks wrote about it on The Huffington Post:

“After I hung up, I panicked. My dreams of having a job out of college were gone. One blog post. I couldn’t believe it. I had been applying for jobs for four months and now I’m back to nothing.

The way I announced my new job was a personal ‘Khristopher is a reporter’ take on informing my family and friends about the next stage in my career. To me, it was no different than an actor telling his family that he’ll star on Broadway by announcing it in a tiny stage play.”

Brooks said that if he had to, he would do it all over again minus the logo and quote from the offer letter. Fortunately he gained enough publicity to receive other job offers and contributor opportunities from publications across the country.