Kickstarter Deletes Japanese Beer Fed Kobe Beef Jerky Project

Posted Jun 24, 2013

Crowdfunding website Kickstarter is a great way to launch projects including the Ouya and an upcoming Zach Braff movie.  Kobe Red is a deleted project that was added to Kickstarter where the goal was to make organic flavored beef jerky.  Donations hit almost $120,000 for the allegedly fraudulent project, but it was fortunately pulled on June 13th.

If the project had cleared, it would have been the largest allegedly fraudulent projects in Kickstarter history.  YouTube channel KickstartedMovie caught the fake project as part of a documentary.  Kickstarter does not give refunds on funded projects, but the Kobe project was pulled before the deadline expired.  The 3,252 backers will likely get their money back.

The Kickstarter project was launched by a company called Magnus Fun Inc.