Kickstarter Not Planning For An IPO Or Equity Investments

Posted Nov 6, 2012

Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen appeared on stage at the GigaOM Roadmap conference in San Francisco.  Mr. Chen said that Kickstarter has invested almost $350 million across 76,000 projects since April 2009.  As a company, Kickstarter has no plans for selling themselves or having an IPO.  Kickstarter’s investors include Union Square Ventures and Betaworks.

?We don?t ever want to sell this company, we don?t ever want to IPO. We want to build this institution for generations,? stated Mr. Chen as quoted by AllThingsD.

?We think the most disruptive aspect [of Kickstarter] is the removal of the investment component,? added Mr. Chen. ?People are supporting projects because they want to see them happen. It?s so different than giving money because you want to make a profit.?

Kickstarter does not have any plans to get into equity-based crowd-funding which would enable small investors to gain ownership in the businesses that they help fund even though the JOBS Act makes those types of investments a lot more accessible.