Kid Rock Adds “Rebel Soul” Album To iTunes After A Long Boycott

Posted Nov 10, 2012

Yesterday I drove to Clarkston, Michigan to eat at one of rock artist Kid Rock’s favorite restaurants called the Union Woodshop.  As I stuffed myself with a burger called The Porker, I was just thinking about how Kid Rock’s newest album “Rebel Soul,” due on November 19th, was added to iTunes.

“We have landed,” stated Lee Trink, Kid Rock’s manager, in an interview with Rolling Stone.  “Times are different than they were on the last release,” says his manager. “There are fewer record stores available, and there are fans who don’t necessarily want to get in the car and drive to the store. They’ve been accustomed to buying it digitally. He’s proven his point that he was able to have an incredibly successful record without iTunes, [but] that doesn’t mean you can’t reassess the landscape and take a look at people’s buying behaviors.”

Kd Rock, Mr. Trink, and Atlantic Records executives had some lengthy discussions about embracing iTunes.  Kid Rock argued for years that albums should be sold as a whole unit instead of individual tracks.  Kid Rock sold his albums through Amazon and

Atlantic sold a majority of their catalog through iTunes since it launched in 2003, but Trink said that the label respected Kid Rock’s request to stay away from the online music retailer.  Kid Rock has now embraced digital media and is even considering a Spotify release.