Kid Singing Jason Mraz Becomes Viral Hit On YouTube [Video]

Posted Dec 9, 2009

Give a little kid an instrument, make them sing, and you have YouTube gold. In the below viral video, this Asian boy is playing a ukulele and is singing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz (pictured). To be honest, I think I like this kid’s version of the song better than the original Jason Mraz song.

Here are some of the best YouTube comments of the video:
– splitmindeddude: hahaha… i can’t help but smile everytime i see this! ^__^ he’s going to be one dope musician though in? the future…
– mykalroze: More talent? than Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson combined. 🙂
– NikeSBeezy: im sick at home, and this? video made my day. ii think my strep throat is gone 😀
– HELLAraphy: So, I watched this last night at? 310 views. Came back in the morning and now it has over 80,000. Epic.
– kevinheaven77: DUDE THIS KID LOOKS LIKES ME WHEN I WAS YOUNG AHHA cool how cute!? ahah