Kids Virtual World Company, Knowledge Adventure Raises $5 Million Series B

Posted Aug 12, 2008

Knowledge Adventure is a 3D virtual world made for the 3-to-10 year old demographic.  Knowledge Adventure recently announced a $5 million round of Series B funding.  The funding was led by Azure Capital and TeleSoft Partners.  Knowledge Adventure plans on using the funding for hiring a team of people to develop and produce the 3D virtual world.

“Knowledge Adventure is making a very bold and exciting move into a market that has great potential for growth,” stated Arjun Gupta, founder and partner of TeleSoft Partners. “Kids’ software is currently about a hundred million dollar market which is poised to grow to a multi-billion dollar industry. Our investment in Knowledge Adventure is a clear indicator of the faith we have in the company’s ability to lead the pack in this growing environment.”

Knowledge Adventure hosts educational software through their virtual world.  Knowledge Adventure’s educational software is called JumpStart and Math Blaster. 

“JumpStart has a rich history as the leading brand in delivering learning games to kids over the last 20 years,” stated Knowledge Adventure president/ CEO David Lord. “By leveraging our trusted brand with parents to deliver a rich, safe and fun virtual world experience for kids 3 to 10, we see countless opportunity for the company to bring our unique adventure-based learning games to the explosive virtual world/online gaming market.”

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