Kim Dotcom gets his cash and cars back from Megaupload raid

Posted Apr 17, 2014

Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz, the founder of Megaupload, was raided a couple of years ago at his home near Auckland, New Zealand, because his website contained hundreds of thousands of files that violated copyright. Now Dotcom has won back his cars, cash, and property. When the police raided Dotcom’s mansion, they took over 15 luxury vehicles.

The requests from police to extend the length of time the assets could be held were declined by an Auckland court. U.S. authorities accuse Dotcom of infringing copyright on a “massive scale.” Dotcom has also been sued by several film and music publishers. Dotcom has been accused of encouraging Megaupload users to upload copyrighted material illegally while profiting from this operation.

Dotcom denied the accusations. Ever since the raid took place, Dotcom launched a new file storage service website that competes with Dropbox called Mega. He also launched his own political party.

“Breaking News: High Court ruling just now. Mona and I are getting our New Zealand assets back, unless the Crown appeals,” said Dotcom on Twitter. “The NZ asset ruling is HUGE. We’ve just filed a case in Hong Kong against unlawful seizure of #Megaupload. The US case is falling apart!”

Authorities have 14 days to appeal the decision. There is also an extradition hearing taking place in July. If Dotcom is extradited and brought to trial, he could face 20 years in jail.