Kim Dotcom Leaks E-Mails About Interested Partnership From Entertainment Industry

Posted Mar 26, 2012

Megaupload CEO Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz has decided to leak some details about some interactions he had with the entertainment industry before he was arrested. Dotcom shared five e-mails from companies such as Disney, Fox, and Warner brothers with The e-mail revealed that a few weeks before a federal investigation against Megaupload was launched, entertainment industry officials were interested in partnering with them.

The e-mails indicate that the entertainment industry was seeking ad and hosting opportunities on Megaupload. One e-mail from a Walt Disney counsel shows that even though they wanted to distribute content from Megaupload, they were ?uncomfortable with a couple of the provisions of your Terms of Use that we feel may jeopardize our rights in our content.?

Dotcom is still on house-arrest and is awaiting a potential extradition from his mansion in Auckland, New Zealand. The New Zealand courts are making sure that Dotcom lives on less than $9,000 per week. Dotcom is also claiming that he is being indicted for hosting a 50 Cent song on Megaupload.